CANADY, Charles

Charles Canady may have lost the battle against cancer but, he won the war on October 16, 2014 at 8:22 pm. He passed away in his room on his bed surrounded by his wife, children and friends. He was brought back home to his beloved Liberty Hill Thursday and passed with dignity surrounded by love and knowing he had made it home. He had fought his battles against renal cell carcinoma since May 29, 2012 and surprised the doctors so many times by overcoming so many of the challenges this cancer threw at him. He just wanted to stay with his family. He tried so hard to stay with us but, now there is no more pain, no more tumors, no more radiation, no more hospitals, no more tubes, no more struggles and no more disappointments. One of his last triumphs was to be here to meet his first granddaughter Hadlee Rae and he met that goal with so much pride.

Charles met his wife Kathy in 1992, a widow with 2 small children. They met through his father Joe Ed Canady and after an evening of sheep shearing he asked her out for a date. She couldn’t think of a place to go and so their first official date was at Burger King. Their second date was a movie and dinner at a Chinese restaurant. The fortune cookie told him he was going to make an important decision in the near future. They were married 5 months later on November 21, 1992. Charles accepted his readymade family and loved them as any proud parent would. He formally adopted Kristin and Brandon 1995. It was only a formality to him but it gave him peace of mind that they would always be his kids. Two more children, Blair and Paige were born to Charles and Kathy and he would often tease them when they would bicker with each other that he loved them all but he chose the first two and faith sent him the next two. Family was established for Charles by love not by birth.

Charles was a very generous man. He believed in helping people when they needed it and he believed in public service. Both he did to the best of his ability. Often he would send a customer off with a pay me later or when you can or a pay me for the next repair not this one. He was a true mechanic working in the business long before he graduated high school. He owned and began restoring his first car at the age of 13. He often could fix something before replacing it. He knew how cars and parts worked and he knew money was often hard to come by for some. He was always willing to tell someone how to fix something when they asked or tell them what was wrong. He didn’t charge for estimates or advice. Public service was very important to him and after Liberty Hill’s incorporation he served on the first city council. A role he fulfilled for 13 years. They were difficult years with lots of conflict and heartache as is unfortunately what often happens during the young years in the life of a city. He and his family endured these hardships because he believed they were for a greater goal. He spearheaded and worked on many projects that a city needs when they first start. He always believed however that it was a “WE” project and never needed it to be an “I” did it. Charles dream was that one day Liberty Hill would evolve from a bedroom community to a place that could offer jobs to future generations and permit them to stay in Liberty Hill to work and live.

The most important accomplishment however to Charles was his family. And for that he endured the pain of living with illnesses. Cancer was not his first brush with a major illness. He was electrocuted by two 220 leads to the back of his head in October of 2005. Surviving this devastating accident was a miracle in itself. He fought his way back and although he was never was pain free or overcame all the damage of this accident he still managed to continue his dreams and make new goals to meet. Cancer reared its ugly head in 2012 and he faced the challenge of his life. He met it head on and fought it fiercely. He fought it for his family and for his dreams for the future. He fought it for the things he planned on doing for them and with them in the future.

Charles was a very giving and forgiving man he could endure the heartaches sent his way and accepted the shortcomings of those that hurt him always with the hope that things would change. He was a loving man that was never afraid to share his love with family and friends. He never met a stranger. He never wanted to shut a door that couldn’t be reopened. Charles was an artist, stain glass builder, musician- playing many instruments proud to have been first chair in the trumpet after his sister Lisa graduated from Liberty Hill High School, the very best yeast roll maker, furniture restorer, wood worker, home renovator in our needy house, and the very best husband and father we could ask for or deserve. He was a man of humor and humility. Charles was a dreamer, a planner and a doer. He was still making plans for the future until Wednesday. He always thought he could beat this disease and this helped him too far out-survive its grasp. His heart never played out only his body could be defeated.

He was a man of faith and knew there would be a tomorrow even after he had to leave this earthly world. He is at peace in a better place with a body that can take him wherever he wants to go. Charles is preceded in death by his father, Joe Ed Canady, Sr. and his aunt and uncle, Robert and Marie Brooks.

Charles leaves behind to cherish his memory his loving wife of 22 years, Kathy Canady; his four children, Kristin Davis and her husband Jason, Brandon Taylor Canady and his wife Jessica, Blair Nicole Canady, and Rebecca Paige Canady; his mother, Nina Faye Canady; his brother, Joe Ed Canady, Jr. and his wife Jeanie; his sister, Lisa Laminack and her husband Randy; his favorite sister-in-law, Laurie Nix; grandchildren, Walker Davis and Hadlee Rae Davis; nieces, Lindsey Laminack and Katie Canady; great nephew, Colton Fisher; along with a host of friends.

The viewing will be held at 10am at the Liberty Hill Church of Christ at 1700 Loop 332 with the funeral service to be held at the at 11am. Interment will follow at the Liberty Hill Cemetery immediately following on Wednesday October 22. Cancer has taken all our reserves financially and in lieu of flowers we would like to ask that you make a donation to help with funeral expenses Union State Bank in Liberty Hill.

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