August Neilson

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Death of August Neilson

This death report from The Southern Intelligencer, May 24, 1866

On Thursday last, John Carlson and August Neilson, neighbors living on Brushy Creek in Williamson County, had a difficulty at Carlson’s house which resulted in the killing of Neilson, who was shot through the head causing instant death. It seems there was an old feud between the parties dating back to the conscript laws during the war. Neilson was a secessionist and was active in having Carlson conscripted, when the latter fled the country and joined the Texas U.S. Cavalry, whilst Neilson went into the rebel service. Since their return home the old quarrel has been renewed with the fatal result above recorded. The matter will undergo investigation, and we forbear comment. But it is proper to ask if these scenes cannot be stopped.