George Monroe Robbins

At age 58 George Monroe Robbins, wife Orry and 10 children moved from Kentucky to Williamson County.

Children include: Sarah W. Robbins, Jane F. Robbins, Sarah “Sallie” Robbins, Henry Chappell Robbins, Joseph R. Robbins (my great grandfather), George Samuel Robbins, Lemuel R. Robbins, Aurey Mary Robbins, Catherine Robbins, Nancy Robbins.

Henry Chappell Robbins and his wife Nancy Rebecca Kiser had all their children born in Williamson County. Children include: Mary Jane, Aury Frances Elizabeth, Arminitia Luticia, George Lemuel, Nancy Emma, Katarine Josephine, Joseph Marion, William Harrison, Sallie “Sarah” Ruth, Talitha Mae according to the US 1850 Census.

Mary Jane (Henry daughter) and spouse William Troxell had their children in Williamson Co. Children include: Rebecca Nancy “Nannie” Troxell, Arminitia Troxell, Maggie Elizabeth Troxell, Rosella W. Troxell, William Benjamin Troxell, George Alfred Troxell, Wylie Edward Wilson Troxell, Henry R. Wilson Troxell, Mary Jane Troxell.

Joseph Richard Robbins (my great great grandfather-George M. son) and is wife Josephine O. Campbell had their children in Williamson County. Children include: Joseph Philander Robbins (great grand father), he also went by other names (I.W.,J.R. I.H.), John Richard Robbins Jr., George Eratus Robbins, Charles Henry Robbins, Amelia Robbins, Shelton Robbins.

Joseph Philander Robbins (Joseph Richard son) and wife Sarah Annice McCready had their 2 children in Williamson County, they are Oliver Philander “Ollie”, Josephine Bellma “Josefine”.

From Judy Robbins Jabri