Henry Cook

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Written: January 26, 1838
Recorded: September 1849

Patent No.314; 1838- Henry Cook-Williamson Co., TX


PATENT, No. 314;
1 LEAGUE: (4428 acres)
1/10 Milam, 9/10 Williamson:
Henry Cook:
26 January 1838:

In the Name of the State of Texas
To All to whom these presents shall come know Ye I Geo T. Wood Governor of the State aforesaid by virtue of the power vested in me by law and in accordance with the laws of said State to such case made and provides do by these presents grant to Henry cook his heirs or assigns forever One League of land situated and described as follows. In Milam District in the S.E. corner of Williamson County and partly in Milam County on the head waters of the Middle Yegua, by virtue of the headright certificatae No.307 (error/should read No.207) issued by the board of Land Commissioners of Washington County, on the 26th of January 1838 and confirmed by the District Court of Washington County at the fall term 1847.
Beginning at the S.E. Corner Harrison Owen’s Survey,
Thence North 70 degrees East twenty five hundred varas to a stake from which a
Post oak marked W bears South 2 degrees West 7 varaas a Hickory marked A
bears North 8 degrees West 9-1/2 varas.
Thence Sourth 20 degrees West at 950 varas a branch five thousand varas to a
stake farom which a Post Oak marked X bears South 72 degrees West 6 varas,
another marked P bears South 27 degrees East 2 varas.
Thence North 70 degrees West at 1000 varas prairie at 1300 varas timber at 3900
varas prairie at 4400 varas timber five thousand varas to a stake for the S.W.
corner from which a Post Oak marked T bears North 72 degrees East 2-1/2 varas
another marked A bears South 29-1/2 degrees West 8 varas.
Thence North 20 degrees East five thousand varas to a stake on said Owen’s
South line from which a Post Oak marked V bears North 22 degrees East 12 varas
another marked B bears South 87 degrees East 12 varas.
Thence South 70 degrees East with said Owen’s Survey twenty five hundred varas
to the place of beginning,

Hereby relinquinshing to him the said Henry Cook and his heirs or assigns forever all the right and title in and to said land heretofore held and possessed by the said State and do hereby issue this letter Patent for the same. In testimony whereof I have caused the seal of the State to be affixed as well as the seal of the General Land Office. Done at the City of Austin on the twenty ninth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty nine.

Signed: Geo W. Smyth, Commissioner of the General Land Office
George T. Wood, Governor