James Knox Polk Evans

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Submitted by: franksshadowe@webtv.net (Frankie Evans Marshall) – April 14, 2003


James Knox Polk Evans, 1846-188

James Polk Knox EvansJames Knox Polk Evans was born 10/1/1846 in Drew County, Arkansas to James Felix Evans and Narcissa Ann Mathews.

They were in Lynchburg, Harris County, Texas in 1860.

James Knox Polk Evans married Amanda Coursey on 10/14/1868 in Harris County, Texas.

They moved from Harris County (1870) to Milam County (1872) to Williamson County,(1874) to Llano County(1877) back to Williamson County,(1879) back to Llano County,(1881) and back to Williamson County, Texas (1889).

Amanda’s Mother, Nancy Secrest Coursey, and two of Amanda’s brothers, James A. Coursey and Valentine A. Coursey, all lived in Llano County, Texas.

James Knox Polk Evans was a Postmaster for the Community of Click, Llano County, Texas from 5/17/1882 till 12/8/1885(?).

James Knox Polk Evans died 12/9/1889 and is buried in the Macedonia Cemetery in Williamson County, Texas. Story has it that he was in a cotton gin accident. I heard that he lost an arm in the accident and that led to his death. Linda Sims said she was told that he fell into the cotton gin and it cut him into pieces and they had to pick up all the pieces and wrap them in a sheet. I have not been able to find a newspaper clipping of the accident.

James Knox Polk Evans’ Mother, Narcissa Ann Mathews Evans, is buried along side him.

Frankie Evans Marshall, Great-Granddaughter