John Morris Family

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Submitted by: Mary Love Berryman –
The notes in ( ) are by Mary Love Berryman


The front page is gone but the first page of the New Testament is intact.

The New Testament, Published in Phihladelphia, 1834 by McCarty & Davis – No 171, Market St

John Morris was born the 11th of March 1801 (Anderson Co., S. C.)
Sarah (Frame) Morris was born April the 6th l803 (Tombstone says in Ky.)

John & Sarah (Frame) Morris was Married Oct the 19th 1826

(This family was living in Franklin County, TN when these children were born.)

Elen E. Morris was born the 26th of August 1827
Adline Morris was born the 23rd of June 1829
James L. Morris was born the 19th of February 1852
John F. Morris was born the 5th of April 1834
William R. Morris was born June the 27th 1836
Francis E. Morris was born August the 31st 1838
Edward D. Morris was born on the 23rd of November 1840
Mary J. Morris was born June the 11th 1843
Sarah Ann Morris was born April the 18th 1845
Martha Virginia Morris was Born Sept the 7th 1847

Cyntha M. Morris Deseased July the 1st 1837
(This is Dad’s [William R.] twin sister.)
John Morris deseased this life Oct the 12th 1849 (Buried Franklin Co, TN)
Sarah Morris died Aug 31, 1883 (Buried Florence, Williamson Co, TX)
Francie Morris died Jan. 21, 1891
Mary J. Morris Dec. 25, 1893
James L. Morris Oct 12, 1894
Elen E. Morris May 1884

Emma B. Morris was born Nov 9th 1875
Maggie F. Morris was born Jan 31st 1878
Edward L. Morris was born Dec. 5th 1879
Virgie E. Morris was born Dec. 25, 1881
(These were the children of Edward D. Morris and wife Martha E.)

Mary Morris died July 13th 1875
Edward L. Morris Died Jan 22 1885 aged 5 years one month 17 days

Parents of this group children James and Mary Frame Morris
(Brother and sister of John and Sarah Frame Morris)
Ema1ine Turner was born March the 24th 1821 (Turner was married name.)
John H. Morris was born March the 10th 1823
Mary J. Morris was born July the 1st 1825
Robert F. Morris was born July the 25th l828
Joseph M. Morris was Born May the 14th 1832
James R. Morris was Born July the 12th 1834
Sarah L. Morris was born July the 15th l837
(Married 3 times Wade, Winn, Wilcox)
Elizabeth A. Morris was Born January the l2th 1840
(Married to Andrew Jackson Johnson)
Mrs. Hattie Compton is a daughter of one above
Mary Ann Morris is Coz of dad’s and 2 Morris women in Ft. Hood
are neices of Pat Morris’ brother. Mary Ann Morris married Baldwin Pearce Lee.

The notes of “Dad’s” are by Minerva Morris Hill daughter of William R. Morris