Kallie Tucker (Lane) Kingsbery

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Transcribed 25 May 2005 By Michele Holland Mills mhmills@email.com


Kallie Tucker Lane was the daughter of Rev. James Sterling Lane and his third wife, Sophronia Jacob Audas. Rev. Lane was a Methodist minister who served in Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. Kallie was his youngest child, the 12th, born when James was 51 and Sophronia was 34. Kallie was born February 11, 1870, in Tehuacana, Limestone County, Texas. In 1873 Rev. Lane took his final assignment, as pastor of the Methodist Church in Georgetown, Williamson County, Texas. He was instrumental in the founding of Southwestern University in Georgetown. Rev. Lane died in 1882. His widow and the two youngest children, Audas James Lane and Kallie Tucker Lane, were living in Waco, Texas in 1890. Mrs. Lane took in boarders, including a photographer named W. D. Jackson. Kallie worked as an assistant in Mr. Jackson’s photography studio.

Some time prior to November 1892, Kallie took a train trip to visit relatives, probably her half-brother Orlando Clayborn Lane. At the train station in Coleman, Coleman County, Texas she met Henry Williams Kingsbery. Kallie was 22 years old and Henry was a 45-year-old bachelor, just a year older than Kallie’s half-brother Orlando. Henry fell in love instantly, and the couple was married November 22, 1892, in Georgetown, Williamson County, Texas. Kallie and Henry lived in Santa Anna, Coleman County. Henry bought a ranch six miles south of Santa Anna in 1894 and 1895 and the family moved there in 1866. They had two sons, Howard Thomas (1893-1970) and Carroll Emera (1897-1995), and a daughter Merle (1895-1991). Kallie became ill in 1899, and as the obituary states, took a trip to Georgia to visit her husband’s family in hopes that it would revive her, but she died soon after arriving in Georgia.