KINGSBERY, Kallie Tucker (Lane)

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Transcribed 25 May 2005 By Michele Holland Mills


Kallie Tucker Lane Kingsbery Obituary August 1899

KINGSBERY – Near Cedartown, Georgia, in the early morning of August 9, 1899, Mrs. Kallie Lane Kingsbery passed over the river of death, away from a devoted husband, affectionate children and precious loved ones, to find sweet and undisturbed eternal rest in the shadow of the Free of life. She was born on February 11, 1870, in Georgetown, Texas. Was the daughter of Dr. J. S. and Mrs. Sophia [Sophronia] Lane. She was reared in the city of her birth and educated at the South-Western University.

In early life she was converted and united with the Methodist Episcopal Church, in which church her father was an honored and useful minister for many years. Being brought up in a Christian home she was religious from her childhood, and was a consecrated and faithful follower of her dear Lord to her dying house, when she sweetly fell asleep in Him.

On the 22nd of November, 1892, she was happily married to Mr. Henry W. Kingsbery, then of Coleman, Texas. At this place they lived for several years, where she made many friends. Later they settled in a beautiful home on a farm near Santa Anna, when she was contented and 3happy in her sweet home life. She was the mother of three precious, bright children. Her ideal of life was a sunshine happy christian home. She gave herself literally to her good husband and sweet children. When they were happy she was satisfied. Indeed a true christian wife and a most affectionate mother has gone from the happy home circle, and left a vacant place that can not be filled.

For six months she was a patient sufferer. Her husband’s family residing in Georgia arranged for a family reunion during the month of August, near Cedartown. To this reunion she looked forward with much delight, and hoped that the trip and change would bring her back to health. But alas, when completing the long journey from Texas to Georgia, and falling in the tender embrace of her husband’s aged mother, sisters and loved ones, she lingered a few days and then went away to be with her Lord in the “House not made with hands eternal in the heavens.”

Her stay on earth was short, in the morning of her life she was cut down, but she accomplished her mission, and now rests from her labors awaiting the coming of her dear loved ones she has left behind. Her body rests in the cemetery at Cartersville, Ga. In the morning of the resurrection we will meet you, dear Kallie, in our Father’s house on high.

R. B. O. England” [brother-in-law of H. W. Kingsbery]