Lewellen Moore

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Contributed by Mary Love Berryman – 16 June 2003


Texas State Archives

First Card

Name & Rank: Moore, Lewellen, 1st Lt.
Comm. Off: Mullen, John W., & Peace, Wiley J., Capt.
Organ: Williamson Bowies, 4th Regt. TC, Col. Wm. H. Parsons commdg., TST
Enlist: Au.18-61 at Georgetown; mus. in Au.27-61 at Camp Tarrant, Ellis Co., for 12 mos.
Disch: Serv.to S.14-61: 18 days at $12–$7.20: mus. out
Descript: O.28-61 at Camp Hebert Age 37
Remarks: R&F 85; En.Off. Capt.Peace: Mus.Off. Col. Parsons Appraisers A.M.Maddus & Wm.J.Stokes; Val.H $165, HE $20, Gun $40, Pistol $40; due for Cloth.140 mi.to place of rendez.; Co. reorganized S.14-61


& new officers elected; Co.comm.S.30-61; 1 MR dtd. Au.27 to O.28-61, 1 valuation roll dtd.Au.27-61 7 1 PR dtd.Au.27 to O.28-61. Listed as Pvt. on valuation roll; promoted from Pvt. to 1st Lt.S.14-61 at Camp Beauregard, Ellis Co.

Second Card

Name & Rank: Moore Lewellen, Pvt
Com. Off: Arnett, C. C., Capt.
Organ: Co.G., Col. R.T.P.Allen’s Regt., TVI, CSA.
Enlist: Apl.16-62 on Je.30-62 MR. & Apl.6-32 on Je.7-62 MR. in Williamson Cty. Mustd.in Apl.24-62 at Camp Terry.
Disch: Apl.24-Je.30-62–2 mos.&7 day ser.
Descript: Age–38 years.
Remarks: R&F 103; Enr. Off. W. Patrick; Mus. Off. R.T.P.Allen; amt.of pay $24.56, Allowance for clothing $25,Stoppages $5.34, balance paid $44.22


Present. 4 MR.dtd.Mar.25-62,Je.7-62,Je.30, 1862 & 1 PR.dtd.Je.30-62 & 1 MR.dtd.Apl. 16-62. Name not on Mar.25-62 & Apl.16-62 Muster Rolls.