Old Collins Cemetery

Old Collins Cemetery

Also known as Collins-Thompson Cemetery and Yarborough Cemetery.

Latitude: 30.71183 Longitude: -97.76311

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NOTE: The cemetery is located on private land owned by Lynn Stout. Please contact him at 512 784 9082 before visiting.


Old Collins Cemetery Obituaries


COLLINS, David Elison    11/01/1887    02/15/1905    Son of J.E. & M.C. Collins    (Printer Friendly)

COLLINS, Helen Lee       03/28/1901    10/13/1905                                  (Printer Friendly)

COLLINS, Johnson         02/21/1837    03/11/1899	

THOMPSON, Elijah         1831          Unknown		

THOMPSON, Jemima         1832          09/10/1892	
Sacred to the memory of our mother, Mrs. Jemima Thompson. Aged 60 Years. A loved one has gone from 
our circle. On Earth we shall meet her no more. She has gone to her home in Heaven; And all her 
afflictions are o'er.

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