Posey Cemetery

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POSEY		FANNIE		E.		6-26-1821	3-21-1864	BORN GREEN CO. MO	
POSEY		JAMES		P.		6-25-1835	1-3-1861		
MCMURRY		F.		F.		10-15-1837	4-5-1862		
POSEY		RHODA		E.		7-21-1805	3-6-1864

This cemetery is located 1/10 of a mile west of the intersection of 971 and Hwy 95. Turn right at a small, dirt road that winds down under the railroad track. Follow the dirt road up to an old house curve to the right away from the “house along the fence line.” Do not get off this road. The dirt is farm land and “very soft.” Follow the road to a 3 way fork in the field. Park and look to the south along the fence line. You will see an old, rust fence incircling these four graves. Wear bright clothing if you are going to this cemetery. Coyotes and wolves are a problem and the owners may be out hunting.