Union Baptist Cemetery

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Transcribed by Larri Jean Jacoby, February 2, 2003

Anti-Slaveholding Union Baptist Cemetery (Smalley Family Cemetery)

This cemetery is a very small plot, one large stone with everyone’s name on it. The stone is new-looking. Only one other stone has writing, the only word I could make out is “Tobey”.

One of the oldest graveyards in Williamson County, it is located northeast of Round Rock, seven-tenths of a mile north of U.S. Highway 79, on County Road 1460. Surrounded by an old wire fence, it lies on the north side of a road leading in an easterly direction to the Apache Oaks subdivision. The old Double File Trail, which crossed Williamson County, and was laid out by Indians as early as 1830, ran just west of the cemetery.

Latitude: 30.52510 Longitude: -97.65206

(notes in parentheses are comments from the author)

COX, Mary: October 21, 1811 – August 17, 1855
RUBEL/RUBLE, Aaron: June 10, 1818 – March 5, 1865
SMALLEY, Jr., Freeman: Aug. 14, 1820 – 1849
SMALLEY, Mary: June 17, 1825 – October 10, 1853

SMALLEY, A.W.P.: August 26, 1828 – August 6, 1857
SMALLEY, Moses W.: August 26, 1828 – August 6, 1857
(note – these twins were born and died on the same day)

Unknown, J.W.: No Dates

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