Thornton-Moore Family

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Submitted by: Mary Love Berryman – – 16 Jun 2003
The notes in ( ) are by Mary Love Berryman


BIBLE RECORD: THORNTON-MOORE – Fayette Co, AL & Williamson Co, TX

This Bible Record was sent to me by Ouida Williamson of Graham, TX. It was given to her by her cousin Battie Moore Walker, daughter of Lewellen and Eppa Thornton Moore, and a mutual cousin of ours.



David Thornton           was borned  1783  Month not known
Thos Thornton             "    "           March   26" 1807
Henry White Thornton      "    "           Dec     28" 1808
William Thornton          "    "           June    18" 1811
Pressley Wren Thornton    "    "           June    22" 1813
Nancy A. Thornton         "    "           April    8" 1815   
Elisabeth S. Thornton     "    "           March    2" 1817 
James M. Thornton                          January  4" 1821
George W. Thornton                         April   20" 1819
Martha Thornton                            January 23" 1827
Mary Thornton   (drowned)                  January 11" 1823                         
John M. Thornton                           January 23" 1830
Eppa A. Thornton                           January  7" 1833


Martha E. Vanhoose                         January 17" 1838
Thos Jefferson Thornton                    April   11" 1836
Press W. Thornton (junior)                 August   8" 1841
Martha Ann Virginia Drusila Hubbert        Oct     23" 1842
Sarah H. Hubbert                           Feb     15" 1834
Susan P. Vanhoose                          Sept     3" 1842

Page Two


David Thornton to Bathsheba White           July     25" 1805
Thos Thornton To Charlotte M. Ray           November  7" 1833
William Thornton  to Dolla Ann Fowler       June     17" 1833
Elisabeth Thornton to Mathew Hubbert        April    28" 1833
Pressley W. Thornton to Elenor Duke         Dec      19" 1833
Henry W. Thornton to Martha C. Gowing       July     31" 1839
Wm P. Murray to Nancy Vanhoose              March     3" 1850
Lewelen Moore to Eppa H. Thornton           January   9" 1853
James M. Thornton to Milly Sparks           Dec       3" 1854
              and to Sarah Hubbert          July     29" 1860


Nancy A. Murray  Died                       Nov      16" 1850
Charlotte M. Thornton                       Aug      24" 1841
Mary Thornton (Drowned)                     Feb       2" 1826
Wm P. Murray  Died                          March     5" 1863
Thos J. Thornton                            Nov       3" 1859
David Thornton Dide, in the faul of                      1867
       (not in Bible Record)
Pressley W. Thornton (Sen)                  July     15" 1883      


(First Page)

David Thornton                              Martha M. Thornton 
was born 1783                               was born Jan 23rd 1827

Thomas Thornton                             Mary Thornton
Was born March 26 1807                      was born Jan 11th 1828

Henry W. Thornton                           John M. Thornton
born Dec 28th 1808                          Jan 25th 1830

William Thornton                            Eppa H. Thornton
June 18th 1811                              was born Jan 7 1833 

Presley W. Thornton
was born June 22nd 1818

Nancy A. Thornton
April 8th 1815

Elizabeth S. Thornton
was born March 22 1817

George W. Thornton was
born april 20th 1819

Gains M. Thornton 
born Jan 4th 1821


(Second Page)

Lewellen Moore was                         Jef. Davis Moore
born May 16th 1824                         was born Jan 27th 1861

Eppy H. Moore was                          Henry Gaines
born Jan 7th 1833                          was born 24 Feb

Luvinia Alice Moore                        Battie Elizabeth Thornton
was born Oct 18th 1853                     born Dec 23 1870

Eugene William Adams                       Mark Thornton Moore
Moore was born                             was born 
Oct 31st 1855                              March 1873

John David Moore                           Lafayette Murray
was born March 6th 1837                    Moore was born
                                           Jan 5 1875
Susanah Biddy 
Moore was born
November 22nd 1858

John Morris Family

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Submitted by: Mary Love Berryman –
The notes in ( ) are by Mary Love Berryman


The front page is gone but the first page of the New Testament is intact.

The New Testament, Published in Phihladelphia, 1834 by McCarty & Davis – No 171, Market St

John Morris was born the 11th of March 1801 (Anderson Co., S. C.)
Sarah (Frame) Morris was born April the 6th l803 (Tombstone says in Ky.)

John & Sarah (Frame) Morris was Married Oct the 19th 1826

(This family was living in Franklin County, TN when these children were born.)

Elen E. Morris was born the 26th of August 1827
Adline Morris was born the 23rd of June 1829
James L. Morris was born the 19th of February 1852
John F. Morris was born the 5th of April 1834
William R. Morris was born June the 27th 1836
Francis E. Morris was born August the 31st 1838
Edward D. Morris was born on the 23rd of November 1840
Mary J. Morris was born June the 11th 1843
Sarah Ann Morris was born April the 18th 1845
Martha Virginia Morris was Born Sept the 7th 1847

Cyntha M. Morris Deseased July the 1st 1837
(This is Dad’s [William R.] twin sister.)
John Morris deseased this life Oct the 12th 1849 (Buried Franklin Co, TN)
Sarah Morris died Aug 31, 1883 (Buried Florence, Williamson Co, TX)
Francie Morris died Jan. 21, 1891
Mary J. Morris Dec. 25, 1893
James L. Morris Oct 12, 1894
Elen E. Morris May 1884

Emma B. Morris was born Nov 9th 1875
Maggie F. Morris was born Jan 31st 1878
Edward L. Morris was born Dec. 5th 1879
Virgie E. Morris was born Dec. 25, 1881
(These were the children of Edward D. Morris and wife Martha E.)

Mary Morris died July 13th 1875
Edward L. Morris Died Jan 22 1885 aged 5 years one month 17 days

Parents of this group children James and Mary Frame Morris
(Brother and sister of John and Sarah Frame Morris)
Ema1ine Turner was born March the 24th 1821 (Turner was married name.)
John H. Morris was born March the 10th 1823
Mary J. Morris was born July the 1st 1825
Robert F. Morris was born July the 25th l828
Joseph M. Morris was Born May the 14th 1832
James R. Morris was Born July the 12th 1834
Sarah L. Morris was born July the 15th l837
(Married 3 times Wade, Winn, Wilcox)
Elizabeth A. Morris was Born January the l2th 1840
(Married to Andrew Jackson Johnson)
Mrs. Hattie Compton is a daughter of one above
Mary Ann Morris is Coz of dad’s and 2 Morris women in Ft. Hood
are neices of Pat Morris’ brother. Mary Ann Morris married Baldwin Pearce Lee.

The notes of “Dad’s” are by Minerva Morris Hill daughter of William R. Morris

Caroline S. Elizabeth Rogers

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Part of this family remained in Carroll Co, Georgia where they are buried.

On the cover it says Vol. 1. The front Cover is missing but the back is a red leather

1st Blank Page
A. J. Stanford
was borned in
the year of our
Lord February
the 29th 1827
C S Elisabeth
Rogers was
borned in the
year of our Lord
June the 12,1828

2nd Blank Page
Susan Stanford
was borned in
the year of our
Lord 1847 Feb
ruary the 27
John Fran
cis Stanford
was borned
in the year of our
Lord 1848 No
vember the 7

3rd Blank Page
Margaret Rabes
Stanford was
borned in the
year of our
Lord Febuary 11

A J Stanford
was born Octr 25th
A.D. 1853

Fedrick Liberty
was born July
the 4th 1857

4th Page
containing the
By His Majesty’s Special Command
Appointed to be read in Churches
Coat of Arms
Printed by Sir D. Hunter Blair and J. Bruce,
Printed to the King’s most Excellent Majesty

On the next to the last Blank page is a page with
many different locks of hair that have been sewn
onto the blank page. Some is braided or curled or
tied up. The hair is all different colors.

Back blank page
William Rogers was born
in Charleston S.C
May 16th 1801

Mary Julia Rogers
his wife was born
in Wilmington N. C.
Sept 28th 1804

William Rogers was
Married to M J Cooke
in Charleston S. C.
Novemeber 11, 1822

Humble Family

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Contributed for use in the Texas Archives by:
Jeannie Hartwick


This Bible in possession of:
Jeannie Hartwick (2007)
2719 Wildridge Drive
Kingwood, Texas 77339

(Front Page)
J. E. Humble
Leander, Texas
January 7, 1885 My Marriage Date
(Between Old and New Testaments)

Family Record–Births
Fletcher H. Humble was born the 7th day of April A.D. 1928.
Elizabeth Humble was born the 16th day of June A.D. 1831.
William Kelly Humble was born the 13th of June A.D. 1851.
Laura Ann Humble was born the 22 of January, 1854.
Mary Francis Humble was born the 14th of February A.D. 1856.
Married Feb. 14, 1877 to Luther Poole
Jesse Ezekiel Humble was born the 14th of December A.D. 1857.
Ardelia Ann Wells Humble, born April 4th A.D. 1863.

Family Record–Births (p.2)

Arthur Jones Humble born October 13th 188?.
Effie Maude Humble Dec. 9th 188?
Walter B. Mohle. Oct. 28th 1884
Don Chapman Born Sept 9-1894 Died Dec. 29, 1947.
L. Fula(?) Chapman Born May 25, 181?
Mrs. Della Chapman Died Oct. 17-1950
A.W. Carpenter Died

Family Record–Deaths

F. H. Humble died July 17th A.D. 1884 Age 56 yr 5 mt 10 d
Elizabeth Humble Died April 19, 1903 Age 71 ys 10 mo & 3 days
Arthur J. Humble Died Sept 28 1905 Age 19 yrs 11 mo 15 days
Ardelia Humble. Jan 15, 1937
J. E. Humble March 6, 1963
Walter Mohle Feb 2, 1967 1884 Oct 28
Wame(?) Wells 2 yrs younger Born 2/9-1871
(Page torn)-Wells Died 1-3. 1947
(Page torn) la 2 yrs. older

Family Record–Marriages

Fletcher Hamilton Humble and Elizabeth Stone was married the 27th of Aug. 1850.
Jesse E. Humble and Ardelia A. Wells married January 7th A.D. 1885 near Leander Texas
E Maud Humble and Walter B. Mohle married May 11-1910-

(Hand written at top of page)

J.E. and Ardelia Humble made a profession of religion July 25, 1886 and joined
the Cumberlan Presbyterian Church, August 8th A.D. 1886.
Arthur J. Humble received infant Baptism August 8th 1886.
J.E. and Ardelia Humble joined the Methodist Church August 31, 1890.
The Cumberlain Presbyterian Church at Leander Dismissed-Membership transfered church
Maud Humble received infant baptism Apr 24th 1892.
Maud Professed religion and joined the Methodist Church.
Mrs A. D Davis died Dec 31, 1950
Mrs Jane Wells Died March 6, 1962.

*Spelling recorded as written in Bible. Photocopy available on request. Bible in poor condition.